Ports of Delaware River Marine Trade Association Serving the Port Community since 1947
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With over 60 years of service to the Delaware River port community, the Philadelphia Marine Trade Association was incorporated in 1947; its purpose, to promote the interest of the ports of Delaware, Southern New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania. Now, the Ports of the Delaware River Marine Trade Association (PMTA) represents all of the International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA) employers operating at Delaware River facilities.

While promotion of the region’s port is at the heart of the association, its activities center around maritime labor and its periphery. These activities include:

  • assisting the membership in solving maritime problems, particularly those involving the hiring of waterfront labor;
  • maintaining harmony between management and labor;
  • fostering just and equitable principles and practice between labor and management in the maritime industry;
  • assisting in labor disputes and in the negotiation of collective bargaining contracts by management, as well as in the interpretation and administration of labor contracts;
  • promoting safety in the working of cargoes at the ports and to generally work for the betterment, expansion and prosperity of the port with the emphasis on labor relations;
  • contributing to not-for-profit organizations that would further the interest of the membership, and of the Ports of Delaware, Southern New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania.